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Devorah's Secret

What is Devorah’s Secret? It’s something that seems so elusive today but is truly so easy to attain. The old adage goes “less is more” and we feel exactly the same when designing for the feminine form. The less you show, the more the imagination can grow! And that’s the key to desire. It’s her secret weapon, her mystery, her mystique. It lies within one simple answer.  And that answer is... MODESTY.

Dressing modestly should never preclude being stylish outside or inside the home. In Devorah’s Secret modest wear you’ll always be dressed in the latest, on-trend colors and prints in the most flattering styles. When you’re confident that’s when your true being shines through. It’s the inner NOT outer beauty that gives each and every one of us our individuality; or as the French say that “je ne sais quoi.” Who wants to be like everybody else anyway?

We at Devorah’s Secret strive to make every woman feel beautiful, look great, and be respected by everyone. 

If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you!

Devorah’s Secret was established in 2015 by Devorah F.,
a Charedi woman who cares deeply about the modesty of women.  Frustrated by the offerings of secular clothing stores, she had a vision of creating her own line to balance the needs of fashion and spirituality in the modern day. She hopes to inspire women around the world who are also seeking modest clothing that is fun and fashionable yet affordable.

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